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For Robin

I suffer from anxiety, low level depression and general mood disorder. I have moments where I don’t want to do anything but sleep or stare out a window. I have days where I don’t want to see or talk to anyone. But at the end of those days, I remember that life is a beautiful thing and that this world has more to offer than just a bad day here and there. Even if you feel lonely, or if the people who are supposed to be there most drop you because they don’t understand and can’t deal with the difficulty of your changing disposition here or there, you have to know that there are others who love you. Others who feel what you feel. Others who keep pushing and fighting to get better. The loss of Robin Williams is a massive sign that we need to start taking mental illness more seriously. If you’re not someone who suffers from some type of mental illness, stop assuming people are making excuses and start listening when you have friends or loved ones in need or saying that they “don’t feel like themselves.” It’s a time to listen. Not a time to walk away or take it as a sign of instability.

We will all be loved unconditionally. We all deserve to be loved unconditionally. We all need to love unconditionally. Hopefully the people who need to learn these things most will before they lose someone who could bring them the most joy.

July 22, 2013

I know I’m supposed to be the optimistic “everything will be ok” guy but It’s getting really hard not to give up and go home.

New song. Coming soon. Http://

Coma (Music Video) - YouTube

I released a small collection of acoustic songs on soundcloud yesterday. This is a video I put together for my song “Coma.”

June 11th, 2013

I’m currently driving a rental car across Kansas after spending an incredible (but short) week with my family at my sister’s place in Colorado. I only get to see them once or twice a year so I always soak it up. This is the first time I’ve driven instead if flying and must admit that although I’m exhausted, I’m grateful for the quiet trip that I can use to reflect and really think. Now, since I don’t assume that a large group of people actively seek out knowledge of my day-to-day well being, I’ll address this directly to you. The person who’s curiosity at *THIS moment somehow brought you to my blog.

It’s easy to passively gather info regarding someone’s psyche or state of mind by glancing at their twitter or Facebook updates. In fact, one may even be tempted to form an opinion of another’s personality or demeanor via this means. I hope to god that’s not the situation in my case; mostly due to the fact that most of my tweets and statuses are poorly developed one-liners begat from my over-active mind. I’ve always thought of myself as a positive guy with nothing but good things to say about the world and people around me. But I guess I’ve failed at conveying that through the microscope that is social media. So, in an effort to rekindle that positive presentation that you may or may not recollect; here’s the update:

In April my band Farewell Fighter announced that we had signed a record deal with a small label. This news was exciting to me not because “we got signed” but because at the time leading up to the deal, we weren’t sure we’d be able to be a band much longer. If you’re a fan/were a fan, you know we’ve been through some shit. A lot of shit. It was getting hard to balance the back breaking work and financial responsibility that comes with being in an unsigned band AND my life essentials. But at the core of what makes me thankful that we didn’t call it quits when we could have - and probably should have - are the new songs. There are some people living in dire need of reassurance that there is a purpose to keep living. And without coming off as “self-serving” I think our new music needs to heard by those who need it most. FF has always been about hope and happiness in the face of adversity. The new songs on our full length record (coming out in early August) capture this in the exact way that I intended from the start. I’m still excited about the future of that band.

In an ironic turn of events, during the process of writing the latest FF record, I wrote some songs that began as concepts for that project but bloomed into something totally different. After we picked the songs for the record I had a whole bunch left over. Since the style was something totally different altogether, I figured I would develop them and explore the new turn my writing had taken. Shortly After I developed a few of the tracks, I met Alison Ariel. We had a mutual friend and I knew she could sing so I asked her to record the vocals to the songs (my voice didn’t exactly fit the new style). Shortly after we began working together, one of our songs was heard by a licensing placement agent who thought we’d be a good fit for a project they were working on with a big client. Before I knew it we were writing an original song for Coca Cola to use in a global partnership they’re launching with Spotify this summer. It transpired so quickly that we didn’t even have a name for the project when we were signing the paperwork. We decided to call the band Bear Scout ( and have some incredible things coming up that I can only imagine that if you’re still reading this you’ll shit when you know.

In short I guess what I’m getting at is that I’m happy and still hard at work achieving my goals, albeit in a slightly different direction than I had originally planned. Then again I guess that’s kind of the beautiful thing about life.

You never know what happens next.

December 9th, 2012

It’s raining. I’m sitting in my apartment alone listening to some songs the world hasn’t heard yet. Songs I poured my heart and soul into. The lyrics have never been so true. I’m feeling something I’ve never felt before. An excitement and a sadness all at the same time. It’s something I can neither explain nor comprehend. The only comparison would be to imagine hugging a lifelong friend one last time before you board an airplane bound for a new life but not knowing if you’ll ever see them again. All I can assume is that something very important is going to happen soon. Whether it be an important thing for me personally, or for someone who has been in my life in the past few years, I know something big is on the horizon. And I can’t wait to know if it’s something good.

I hope it’s something good.

Please watch this video and share it. It means a lot.

I wrote the first song on Fall Out Boy’s next album. Have a listen to the demo here.

A new song I wrote over the weekend. Not sure what to do with it yet…


I’ll bet you got a lot to say
Make it fast before your lips up and run away
All you really have to say is “Oh baby, oh baby”
All the rest I already know

Oh, we never thought of it at all
We were animals
No, we’ll never get it back
We never got it, never got it ‘till the world turned black

I know it’s hard not to live your life
So concerned with what is wrong and what is right
All you really need to know how many hearts you stole
Before you let mine go

I’m blacking out

Oh, we never thought of it at all
We were animals
No, we’ll never get it back
We never got it, never got it ‘till the world turned black

June 7th, 2012

If I wrote a blog every time I needed to express something in my head or heart I’d have as many paragraphs as there are seconds in the day. Then again, the sad fact is that the world I live in isn’t one that really prefers to partake in information via any form other than pop songs or viral videos. More and more these days it seems like the feelings we have are becoming validated or diminished by the amount of ‘notes’ it receives in the digital world. I guess that makes the importance of simple text blogs that much more meaningful to those who actually take the time to read them. Fortunately, for those who prefer the prior, in this instance I don’t plan to make any sort of intellectual or introspective allocation of logic toward worldly mysteries or physiological abnormalities pertaining to ones life. Therefore, those who choose to skip this tiny little drop in the ocean of social networking drool won’t be missing anything epic or life changing. I’m of no more importance than yourself, nor is the opposite true. But sometimes its nice to feel like we are, right? Sometimes it’s nice to know that there’s nobody else in the world like us. Nobody else who can do or think or act the way we do. Even so, it’s hard to understand why sometimes in this life we meet people who can be so cruel to those around them. Love is both seemingly the simplest and most complex of human emotions. To fall in love with someone during the veritable roller-coaster of life is almost as unavoidable as the conclusion of that very same ride. Yet, when you consider the amount of destruction and hate that exists on this self indulgent planet, it becomes difficult to deduce the reason behind ones inability to love each and every other living counter-part that roams this globe. Why is it so hard to find beauty in someone who is of a different color, size, shape or cultural background? To say that I believe this question to be “the point of life” would be a stretch. But I do believe it’s a claim worth putting a little thought into. The truth is, to find hard logic behind any act of hate would be as ignorant as the perpetrator in said act. As subjective as a silly thing like ‘logic’ can be, I tend to believe that life is like a multiple choice quiz. Some questions may very well have an ‘all of the above’ answer.

We are all alive. We are all dying. We all bleed. We all laugh. We all cry. We all want to be something. We all want to be loved.

So love.